Do Epilators Cause Ingrown Hairs? Yes, but They’re Easy to Get Rid Of

I've been epilating for a number of months now, and I have to admit, insofar as ingrown hair goes, epilating does cause more than any other form of hair removal I've used.

That being said, there are so many benefits to epilating, especially when you compare it to waxing, that even though it causes a lot more ingrown hairs, I'd still choose it over waxing any day.

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I personally leave the vast majority of my ingrown hairs alone, as over time and because of shaving (which exfoliates your skin believe it or not), most of the ingrown hairs eventually get out and are pulled out by my epilator eventually.

The ones that grow long sometimes bother me because they itch, and those I will literally just pick out with my nail. It's super easy to do.

But if the ingrown hairs from epilating bother you and you don't want to deal with them anymore, you can easily get rid of them by exfoliating when you're in the shower - such as by using a loofa and/or exfoliation soap/gel, soaking in a bath, and even using moisturizer just after epilating helps the process considerably.

So exfoliation by itself will do the trick really well, any way you prefer helps loads. And moisturizing will also help.

Keep these two things in mind and epilating is not a problem insofar as ingrown hairs go, since they'll be so easy to prevent/remove.

Just starting out with epilating or thinking of doing so? Do yourself a favour and check out this article for super easy-to-implement tips on how to make the epilaton process a whole lot less painful.

You can use these tips from the very first time you epilate, and they don't require you to buy anything you don't already have (they're tricks you use while handling your epilator and one recommendation is to shave before you use it the first time, but you'll see what I mean if you read that article).