Are UGG's Boots Waterproof? Some Yes, Some No & How to Tell

If you've ever wondered whether UGG boots are waterproof, I've got the answer for you.

Sadly (you know where this is going) the vast majority of UGG boots, whether you're thinking of their standard look that essentially make up their "classic" design, or you're thinking of their soft sheepskin boots, heck even some of their purely plastic, look-a-bit-like-rain-boots-UGG-boots, they're not waterproof.

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See, if you see the term "water resistant" being used, it's fair to say that boot is nowhere near waterproof.

Because they're obviously different, but we sometimes don't think about it because they sound similar, so sometimes we don't clock the fact that the label said water resistant instead of waterproof.

It sucks, a trick of marketing surely, at least a little bit.

Yet also factual and somewhat helpful because if it's neither water resistant nor water proof, it's probably the worst thing you could wear in wet or snowy weather.

Now... are there waterproof UGG boots?

This is a different question, and the answer to this is a resounding yes!

There are waterproof boots made by UGG, but these don't look like the standard UGG boots all the time, or they could, because apparently waterproof suede UGG boots exist and to me they look a lot like a classic UGG.

But the difference is always mentioned in the product description.

Essentially, if there is no mention of being water resistant or water proof, assume the UGG boot is neither.

If the description says that the particular UGG boots are water resistant, I'd assume they'll be fine if it's drizzling outside, during a light rain, keep out a splash from a pool, a pond or some other light H₂O, basically.

A little wet weather shouldn't be an issue.

If the description says that pair of UGG boots is waterproof those are waterproof UGGs, specifically made to keep water out, medium rain, heavy rain should be fine, and so should keeping out snow.

Those are the ones you're looking for.

I've seen people mention waterproof UGG boots can be found in an "All-weather boot" section of UGG websites.

If you're looking on Amazon, make sure you look in particular for the term 'waterproof UGGs' - and make absolute sure they say waterproof in the description of the product you end up with, otherwise you don't know what you'll get when the weather gets wet.

A lot of the winter-weather UGG boots that are waterproof look to me like Sorel winter boots, which I had a pair of back when I lived in Canada.

They're very good at keeping slow, slush, and all water out in my experience, if you're looking for something winter-weather that's waterproof, and can't find an UGG that suits what you're after aesthetically.

Anyway, hope this helped! Best of luck in your waterproof boot shopping endeavours!