Hi there, I'm Elise! Feed Your Fever is fashion blog with a personal spin that myself and my husband Thomas pen & photograph.

While the two of us do love fashion, we're much more into slow fashion practices, where we limit the amount we buy and much prefer purchases that will last a number of years, or even a lifetime, over those that are trendy and go out of fashion quickly, or are low quality enough to not be able to be worn after a time or two in the wash.

You'll often see us sporting our Hutton Boots, a brand that we both have a part in growing and that's near and dear to our hearts, as well as a slew of Uniqlo products (mostly tops & polos on Thomas' end, and on mine, cardigans, sweaters, and nearly always a pair of stretch leggings from Uniqlo that I have in a variety of colours/prints).

Whether it's fast fashion produts that we stretch the lifetime of, lifetime buys, or even vintage pieces we manage to snag here and there, we're all about the idea of getting as many uses as we can out of the pieces we own.

Hutton Type 01 Desert Boots Sahara Sand (top) - Hutton Boots
Hutton Playtime Chukkas with Dark Brown Welt (bottom) - Hutton Boots

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Elise Xavier

Elise Xavier

Love mustard yellow handbags (especially mini totes!), Uniqlo stretch leggings, square neck tops, & Hutton Boots chukkas. These are the usual suspects, other days, my outfits are up the air. Odd fashion choices, but I like what I like!