Wait, Spiral Hair Ties That Finally Work for Me? invisibobble SLIM Review

I cannot remember how long ago it was since I tried spiral hair ties, but I'm pretty sure the one I did, way, way back, was something like a clear spiral hair tie that was quite thick.

The standard one, and gosh did it not hold my hair.

invisibobble SLIM Black Traceless Spiral Hair Tie - Amazon

I was disappointed because I loved the idea of these, but the fact that my hair is so thick (I have a lot of it, though the individual strands are thin), meant the hair tie would never hold my hair in place, and often my hair would slip out of it, or my ponytail would just droop, it was not fun.

So I didn't even bother trying to use one again.

Until recently when I got so, so, so, so fed up with the literally disgusting build up of pretty much entire wads of hair on my regular elastic rubber-band-like-with-fabric-on-the-outside hair ties, and just decided to give the invisibobble SLIM a whirl.

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I haven't used anything since.

Actually, I think I've been wearing this particular hairtie for a month or two, and just one of them would have been fine if it wasn't for the fact that I keep randomly taking them off (they're so fun to play with!) and then forgetting to put them back on.

So I've used two from the pack, but ever so lightly and I am sure they have months and months of life in them.

How do I love these? Let me count the ways...

First way, they solved that hair-stuck-to-them issue I had with the regular type of hair tie.

Actually I didn't used to wear the ordinary elastic hair ties that have metal in them.

Instead I was wearing elastic hair ties that are seamless, with fabric, some thin, some thick.

It still was bad. So brutal.

And it would annoy me so much because I would try to rip the hair off the hair tie so it didn't tangle even more hair into it, but could never get it all off.

Even using scissors there would always be clumps of hair stuck, although shorter.

Asdjkflawijef!! So annoying!!

But no more. I am happy to say my hair doesn't get caught in the Invisibobble.

Just a single tug will pull loose any hair that gets "caught" (hardly can call it that!) in my Invisibobble SLIM. 

Normally it just slips out on its own as I take the tie out of my hair. And it looks just like new always.

I'm convinced this is the reason this particular spiral hair tie did the trick for me in terms of keeping my hair up is because it's slim.

The hold is phenomenal.

It holds.. until I take it out. Madness.

No hair tie has ever done that for me ever unless I had it REALLY tight to my head.

But maybe it's not the slim aspect? Maybe it's just this brand?

Or maybe these spiral ties have gotten better since I tried them?

I don't know and I don't care because I love the hold.

I use this baby to tie my hair and I know I can trust my hair will stay put, it's awesome.

Which brings me to another reason I love it - I can have looser buns and ponytails without it being an issue in terms of keeping my hair in place. Epic as hell.

It looks good at all times, not just because it doesn't have hair magically clumped to it, but also because it is shiny and kind of pretty as a standalone object, let alone in your hair.

Which I think is far prettier than the standard hair elastic.

Speaking of the standard hair elastic, this one's got a little burn bump to close it off the same way the old ones I wore used to have, and yet the hair doesn't catch onto this basically ever. Which is awesome.

Because it doesn't attract hair like a magnet, and my hair doesn't get stuck in it, my hair is also happier and healthier and a lot more tangle free.

I mean substantially more tangle free.

EVEN if I don't use conditioner (I do this sometimes because I forget or get too lazy) and/or if my hair is a humidity-central frizzy and would otherwise be a knotted mess.

It's so much easier to have long hair with this baby. I love it.

Stupid thing to point out that I love about it - but it's also fun to play with?

I love fidgeting and it kind of doubles as a fidget spinner for me. Not that I liked fidget spinners.

But I love this almost as much as my phone lanyard, I've got one of these adjustable hand wrist strap phone lanyards which I absolutely adore pulling the little bead along when I am bored.. it's lovely.

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It also doubles as an amazing cat toy, the same way as my phone lanyard does.

Just thought I'd mention!!

I am sure there are benefits I'm not thinking of, but I think there are enough here for you to give it a shot if you were on the fence before.

I love my Invisibobble Slims! They are epic. And I'm so not going back if these ever overstretch. Or break on me. I'll just buy more.

But at this point, I don't know when I'll even have to! I think this small pack of three may last me 2-3 years at this rate!

Which is madness because my hair elastics would become gross within a week or two with all the hair that got tangled into them.

May just try more Invisibobble branded things. Because I'm mad impressed.

Much love. Go get one. Just try it. So affordable it's worth the shot.

They may just be your new favourites, like they are mine.